Who we are...

Southeastern Freight Lines is well known in our industry and the communities we serve for our commitment to Quality Without Question. The real key to that quality and the company's success over the past 70+ years is rooted in our people. Through continuous measurable improvement, our valued team of associates works diligently and deliberately to satisfy our customers completely and become more efficient in the process.

As yet another way to show how Southeastern truly values associates, we created an initiative called Southeastern Strong. This program works to improve associates' well-being and total quality of life and is supported by and closely aligned with our company culture. Clearly, the improved well-being of associates serves to mutually benefit both associates and Southeastern.

Resource Symbols

Heart and Soul includes overall physical, emotional and spiritual health. Examples: Medical plan, Employee Assistance Program, and Time off

Community includes building relationships, our sense of belonging, contributing to something greater than ourselves. Examples: Southeastern Serves, Eagle Eye News, QWQ recognition, along with safety and service awards

Financial Strength includes practicing good stewardship; managing our resources; having confidence in our ability to provide for and protect our loved ones. Examples: Dave Ramsey's SmartDollar program, the Retirement Savings Program, Flex Spending Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts

Growth and Development includes developing new skills; building and applying individual strengths; opportunity for personal growth. Examples: Dock to Driver program, leadership training, and the Action process